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Spektrum's Promise

Spektrum's Promise

5 Star Ratings
Highest Rated!
We are very proud to say we are the highest rated computer glasses among consumers! This comes with our dedication to making you happy with your purchase! Don't believe us? read our testimonials.
Notice A Difference 
Unlike unfortunately too many health products after using our glasses for just a few days you will start to notice a difference. So give them a shot!
You'll love it, we guarantee!
Beyond just a satisfaction guarantee. We promise if you don't love your new glasses you are entitled to a complete refund. Even Costco is jealous of our return policy!

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5 Tips on How to Stay Healthy in the Modern Office
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Spektrum Rated #1 For Gaming Glasses

We're so happy to share that we have been rated #1 by Ezvid Wiki. After reviewing 9 of our competitors they have found us as the best choice! They took 36 hours to review the top gaming glasses and conclude if you spend a lot of time on a computer we're the...


We're excited to tell you that Spektrum's blue light blocking line will now be referred to as PROSPEK. This will help us differentiate Spektrum's fantastic blue light blocking glasses from some upcoming projects we are eager to discuss with you!  You'll just see a small change in our packing going forward as...