We stand behind our product as a high quality product reflected in it's design and durability. As such we provide a standard 365 day warranty included with every purchase.

How long does the warranty last?

Our warranty lasts for 365 days after the date you have received the product.

Who do you contact to get warranty service?

If you have experienced an issue with one of your products purchased through Spektrum's products please contact Spektrum directly through email: hello@spektrumglasses.com or via the telephone. If you have purchased it from one of our many re-sellers we would encourage you to seek their assistance in providing a replacement. If the store is no longer available you again you may contact Spektrum directly.

What will Spektrum do if my glasses break?

If you experience an issue with one of our product or it should break through normal use we can send you a replacement provided the item has been ordered in the last 365 days we will send a replacement unit of the same model. If the same model is no longer available we can send an equivalent model of the customers choice.

What about shipping?

Shipping is covered entirely by Spektrum provided there is a problem with your purchase and a replacement is required.

Our warranty does not cover consequential damages such