Arctic - 50% Blue Light Blocking

  • Arctic - 50% Blue Light Blocking


Arctic - 50% Blue Light Blocking


Protecting your eyes is smart; and SMART is COOL, so you’ll feel cool every time you slip on these low blue light blocking glasses—the only sleek, stylish & 3rd Party Verified blue light blocking glasses PC gamers & all-night techno-lovers prefer!

Beyond the fact that these blue light blocking glasses deliver the kind of crisp color clarity that’ll make your friends green with envy, they only block out the recommended 50% of blue light, allowing your eyes to blink and perform naturally when you’re using your Computer, iPad, Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone or PC Gaming Equipment at Night.

And as if sexy eyewear wasn’t enough, every pair of retro eyeglasses comes with:

Coating that Blocks 100% of UVA & 100% of UVB Rays


Anti-Scratch Coating: so a scratch never gets in the way of work or play


Anti-Reflective Coating: eliminating eye strain often caused by yellow tinted and cheaply made low blue light glasses


Anti-Screen Flicker & Anti-Glare Coating:  Because the last thing you need is a headache!


Anti-Fog Coating: A micro-thin coating to prevent your blue blocker glasses from fogging up, indoors and out.


Fingerprint Resistant Anti-Oil Coating: Because smudges on your glasses might just be the #1 cause of accidental texts and emails


Plus Electromagnetic Ray Blocking Glasses Coating so you don’t send your eyes spiraling toward related disease, like eye cancer and cataracts


Don’t settle for ugly yellow tinted lenses or boring eyewear that drags you down. Get the blue light blocking glasses every PC gamer and all-nighter needs when you add these low blue light glasses to your cart and checkout now.


Gender: Unisex

SKU: D315

Case and cleaning cloth are included.