Read some of the great things people have said about our glasses! All of these are from happy Spektrum customers. 


"If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would." 5 Stars

If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. I have suffered from light sensitivity and dry eyes for what seems like forever, or at least that's what I thought I was suffering from. I would take allergy medicine daily, Restasis morning and night, drops throughout the day, etc. I sit in front of a computer all day. I have seen several different eye doctors that have prescribed me Restasis over the years. None of them ever suggested something like this. One day I remember some blue glasses that I had tried close to 10 years ago for a doctor trial, so I decided to look them up. They are pretty expensive and I had lasik sometime back so I didn't need an Rx pair of glasses, so i decided to get on Amazon and ended up on these. UNBELIEVABLE! I have not used Restasis since I got them and I don't think about putting drops in my eyes throughout the day. I truly believe my issue has a lot to do with flourescent lights as my eyes really bother me in malls, grocery stores and there just happens to be flourescent lights above my desk and have been at probably every place that I have worked. So, in a nutshell, I am in love with these glasses and when I have a little extra moolah, I am going to get a backup pair so I can use them at home (I am too scared to take them home with me right now because I am afraid I will forget them and now I cannot work without them)!
As others have said, they give a slight yellow tint to everything, but it is very pleasant as things are too bright for me without them. They are stylish, as well. I have gotten quite a few compliments on them. Thank you Spektrum! 

-Monkey's Mommy


Pro Glasses


 "My headaches are significantly less frequent, my eye fatigue is almost gone"  5 Stars

I LOVE these. Had to find a way to lessen my eye strain after taking note of how many hours I actually spend at a computer screen... and it was more than I expected. I started wearing these regularly and my headaches are significantly less frequent, my eye fatigue is almost gone, and I can go without worrying about damaging my ocular muscles. As a 1/2 blue blocker, it's not as yellow as some other computer glasses I've put on, but I much prefer these. Things that aren't actually white don't look yellow after you adjust to them.
Plus... they're really cute. I actually found myself wanting to wear them more than I needed to at first.



Subtle changes to how fast I can sleep....I waited for a solid couple months of wear to review these. I love how they help me fall asleep faster. I literally have reduced my need to lay in bed for longer periods just to fall asleep. These are of great quality and a nice price. THANK YOU

-David Hornungon


"My eyes feel less fatigued5 Stars

The frames are really nice looking, and the lens are not a strange yellow, they are crystal clear with a slight bluish tint for the protection. I ordered a size small and they are perfect. They arrived quickly and protected by a nice glass case within a bubble wrap bag.
I used them on this first day, all day on the computer. My eyes feel less fatigued and I am interested in seeing if this will affect my falling asleep in a positive manner as opposed to being 'wired' from 'computer eyes'.
The seller was very professional with a followup email to see if the delivery process and satisfaction was fulfilled.
I would definitely order from Spektrum Glasses again in the future.



"So glad I did my eyes a favor and purchased these glasses ." 5 Stars

Really helps my dry eye.I have worn the glasses all day and again at night. Usually my eyes get very dry after looking at a screen all day. I actually only bought these glasses because I heard they would help with blue light from the screen. I did not expect the added benefit of helping with dry eye. The glasses are well worth the money. I also thought that when worn, that everything in my view would be yellow. Not the case at all. So glad I did my eyes a favor and purchased these glasses .