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IlLumin Clips

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90% of your driving decisions are based on what you see. The IlLumin LUM-090 makes it easier to see road marks, stop lights, street signs, lane markers, and oncoming traffic more clearly - reducing your risk on the road.

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    Best Glasses

    Designed to cut the optimal amount of glare. Lumin glasses filter exactly the right amount of light so you still have perfect vision just without the glare.

    Driving Glasses That Work

    Driving in the city with street lights is great, but without lights or in the rain or fog or glare. Our glasses cut through.

    Easy Returns

    You don't take a risk with Spektrum products. Contact us if you have any problems we make returns a snap.

    Love these glasses!

    - Angel

    Work as advertised! I'm so excited! This will be the 3rd pair i've tried, but the 1st pair to actually help

    - Mary

    Very comfortable! I notice a huge difference in the glare during nighttime driving. 

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