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VANCOUVER, BC - September 28, 2015: Worldwide millions of people using their phones, computers or handheld devices experience sleepless nights and sore eyes. This is caused by an excess of blue light that human bodies were not designed for. The blue light created by the sun helps the bodies determine day from night - the constant exposure to computers and television nowadays though, throws off the biological clock. The Vancouver-based technology company Spektrum now offers a healthy and fashionable solution: blue light glasses, which contain a filter for excess blue light, while being stylish and affordable (from CAD $ 49.95). Unlike sunglasses they do not reduce overall light, but simply tint the range of colors the eye can see. This way they avoid the disruption of the internal clock and prevent damage to the eyes. The glasses are light, fashionable and can easily be worn around the office - they do look like a normal pair of glasses.
Company founder James Edwards sees huge growth opportunities in this new device: "A lot of our professional and social lives revolve around technology now, and we found a way to cut out the bad but keep the good - a must have for every health-aware professional." Find more information at www.spektrumglasses.com.


Harvard Experiment Proves Blue Light Influence Shifts Circadian Rhythm  While light of any kind can suppress the secretion of melatonin, blue light does so more powerfully. Harvard researchers conducted an experiment comparing the effects of 6.5 hours of exposure to blue light to exposure to green light of comparable brightness. The blue light suppressed melatonin for about twice as long as the green light and shifted the circadian rhythm by twice as much (3 hours vs. 1.5 hours)

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